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Tigers Go 3-1 at D-C Duals

By Delano Wrestling, 12/16/18, 6:00PM CST


Dominant wins over Big Lake, Pipestone, and Elk River and a close loss to Foley

DASSEL-COKATO HS, MN - DECEMBER 15, 2018 - The Tigers wrestled at the D-C Duals on Saturday. The event featured 8 teams in a non-qualifying, pre-set schedule in which each team would wrestle four dual meets.

Delano opened the first round with a win over Big Lake 55-12. They defeated Pipestone 62-6 in the second round.  In the third round, the Tigers beat Elk River 57-17. And in the final round of the day, they fell to #6-ranked Foley by a score of 36-25. This was the first loss of the year for the Tigers who are now 7-1 on the season. 

Full Results:

Delano 55; Big Lake 12

106: Christian Noble (BILA) over Jorge Diaz-Mora (DELA) (Fall 1:03) 113: Tyson Kroells (DELA) over Cash Sixberry (BILA) (Dec 14-10) 120: Aiden Quast (DELA) over Jayden Mclearen (BILA) (Dec 9-7) 126: Reier Sjomeling (DELA) over Cade Sixberry (BILA) (Dec 8-4) 132: Clete Scherer (DELA) over Dillon Browen (BILA) (MD 10-0) 138: Dylan McIntire (DELA) over Dylan Krebs (BILA) (Dec 18-15) 145: Carson Tschudi (DELA) over Lance Christensen (BILA) (MD 13-4) 152: Tanner Kroells (DELA) over Tyler Dehmer (BILA) (TF 20-5 0:00) 160: Ethan Quast (DELA) over Ryan Helgoe (BILA) (Fall 5:22) 170: Charlie Gellerman (BILA) over Hayden Lynch (DELA) (Fall 1:35) 182: Eric Rasmussen (DELA) over Alex Hanrahan (BILA) (Fall 1:35) 195: Jack Russell (DELA) over Wyatt Christian (BILA) (Fall 1:34) 220: Edward Hajas (DELA) over (BILA) (For.) 285: Spencer Poll (DELA) over (BILA) (For.)

Delano 62; Pipestone Area 6

106: JJ Martens (PIAR) over Cael Olson (DELA) (Dec 6-3) 113: Jorge Diaz-Mora (DELA) over (PIAR) (For.) 120: Tyson Kroells (DELA) over Nate Bobendrier (PIAR) (Dec 4-2) 126: Reier Sjomeling (DELA) over (PIAR) (For.) 132: Clete Scherer (DELA) over Allen Tubbs (PIAR) (Fall 0:52) 138: Carson Tschudi (DELA) over Grant Budden (PIAR) (Dec 1-0) 145: Carson Wipf (PIAR) over Leo Vanderlinde (DELA) (Dec 4-2) 152: Tanner Kroells (DELA) over Jesse Fenton (PIAR) (MD 12-1) 160: Ethan Quast (DELA) over Eric Lange (PIAR) (MD 9-1) 170: Hayden Lynch (DELA) over Angel Campos (PIAR) (Fall 1:58) 182: Eric Rasmussen (DELA) over Nick Colvin (PIAR) (Fall 3:36) 195: Jack Russell (DELA) over (PIAR) (For.) 220: Edward Hajas (DELA) over Tyler DeGroot (PIAR) (Fall 1:56) 285: Spencer Poll (DELA) over Mason Krakow (PIAR) (Fall 0:52)

Delano 57; Elk River 17

106: Gage Clem (ELRI) over Jorge Diaz-Mora (DELA) (TF 18-3 0:00) 113: Tyson Kroells (DELA) over Gavin Hilyar (ELRI) (TF 16-1 0:00) 120: Aiden Quast (DELA) over Eli Williams (ELRI) (Dec 10-3) 126: Reier Sjomeling (DELA) over Wyatt Schimmelman (ELRI) (Fall 2:39) 132: Clete Scherer (DELA) over Cade Sabby (ELRI) (Fall 1:10) 138: Carson Tschudi (DELA) over Colton Strain (ELRI) (Fall 2:58) 145: Alex Sanborn (ELRI) over Leo Vanderlinde (DELA) (Fall 0:47) 152: Tanner Kroells (DELA) over Tyler Benson (ELRI) (MD 11-3) 160: Hunter Larson (ELRI) over Hayden Lynch (DELA) (Fall 3:54) 170: Ethan Quast (DELA) over Eli Greenberg (ELRI) (Fall 3:36) 182: Eric Rasmussen (DELA) over (ELRI) (For.) 195: Jack Russell (DELA) over John Krivich (ELRI) (Dec 5-3) 220: Edward Hajas (DELA) over Brady Thompson (ELRI) (Fall 1:22) 285: Spencer Poll (DELA) over Seth Hopkins (ELRI) (Fall 2:56)

Delano  25; Foley 36

106: Alex Jennissen (FOLE) over Cael Olson (DELA) (MD 8-0) 113: Tyson Kroells (DELA) over Evan Milejczak (FOLE) (Dec 4-0) 120: Ethan Oswald (FOLE) over Aiden Quast (DELA) (Fall 1:52) 126: Clete Scherer (DELA) over Caden Ruhoff (FOLE) (Dec 9-5) 132: Logan Thorsten (FOLE) over Reier Sjomeling (DELA) (Dec 6-4) 138: Carson Tschudi (DELA) over Isaiah Fitch (FOLE) (MD 13-5) 145: Sutherlin Schmit (FOLE) over Dylan McIntire (DELA) (MD 10-2) 152: Tanner Kroells (DELA) over Joe Jovanovich (FOLE) (Fall 3:55) 160: Mark Dierkes (FOLE) over Ethan Quast (DELA) (Fall 5:05) 170: Connor Thorsten (FOLE) over Hayden Lynch (DELA) (Fall 3:21) 182: Max Lefebvre (FOLE) over Eric Rasmussen (DELA) (MD 13-4) 195: Hunter Gorecki (FOLE) over Jack Russell (DELA) (Dec 3-2) 220: Edward Hajas (DELA) over Carter Svihla (FOLE) (Dec 2-0) 285: Spencer Poll (DELA) over Elijah Novak (FOLE) (Fall 4:29)